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The 2017 Challenge

It’s a little late in the year to be starting a resolution blog. But I really need help and some kind of order to follow through. It’s been a disastrous start to the year and I’m not talking about the Donald. Started the New Year with the flu and was sick for days. Before I could recover, it was Nayantara’s birthday and then mine, so, there was no point in starting on a routine then. (Had the worst case of PMS too, before my birthday, my 49th by the way)

Then, went on a trip to Rameshwaram to accompany some elders in the family but came back with a cartilage tear in my knee and excruciating pain that took a couple of weeks to heal. (Since I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t exercise, and I ate my pain and boredom away)

I had some work in Bangalore and of course, one doesn’t go to Bangalore and not drink, eat and make merry, so I indulged heavily and with gusto. (I was on a roll, you see)

Now, 6 weeks into the New Year, and I feel fa-a-a-a-t and lethargic and unfit. I am now back from Bangalore, and am ready to start a regimen. (I haven’t stood on the scales as yet, ‘cos I’m scared, maybe tomorrow. I really need to know where I’m at now)

This is my 2017 blog and I hope to be at least 15 kgs lighter (You frown? You don’t know my weight right now!! Actually neither do I ) by the end of the year, (End of the year?? Hey, let’s be realistic.This is going to be struggle!) far fitter than I am now, finished with both the books I’m writing now as well as the five short stories, caught up with those little chores that moving into a new house requires (Btw, it’s a been a year since I moved. I really need to get my life together, but it’s harrrd!) I’m hoping blogging about my day will goad me to keep to my goals, pull me up when I don’t and inspire me when I do.




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