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Day 1 – 13th Feb’17

Well, Day 1 was actually yesterday and I was super good. I ate right, I exercised (a hodge-podge of my own version of pilates and yoga) My body is in so much pain right now. It’s been forever since I seriously exercised. I don’t think I’ll continue with the yoga though, ‘cos I’m recovering from a torn cartilage in my knee and the pressure on my knees did not help, though weirdly, walking wasn’t a problem. I took it slow though (okay, fine, very slow) And that stupid Henry Cavill (who I love, btw) put up an instagram post yesterday about how he just started training for the Durrell Championship or something like that. He just recovered from a torn knee cartilage too #twinning , and I wanted to tell him, ‘Just shut up. You’re bloody Superman’.

Anyways, Nayantara (that’s my daughter btw, in case I didn’t mention it earlier) has been making the most delicious stir fries and I’m eating more than I usually do, but she assures me that it’s a good thing. Usually, when I diet, I try and stop eating, period. But since that hasn’t helped in the long run, I am willing to try her way.

Apart from that, I did start this blog, finished a couple of chapters in one book, edited another book, and…and…oh, yes, I cleaned up my room while watching the Grammys, #Adelerocks, and in the evening, Dev Patel won best supporting actor #bafta. Good start, for me and a couple of other people. (spoiler alert – Day 2 is going pretty well so far)

Oh, and you’ll see a lot of pictures of my dog, Tristan. If I don’t have a picture to post, you’re getting a picture of him. Don’t you think he just pretties up the page? Though, I should take a before/after, but do I have the guts to put up a picture of me now? I haven’t even got on the scales yet (I’m scared) But I could take pictures of the amazing food that Nayan is dishing out. I’ll figure it out. Early days yet!


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