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Day 2-14th Feb ’17

Happy Valentines Day! Luckily I don’t have a significant other to tempt me with chocolates or dinner and ruin two days of hard work. Yup, two days! Though I still haven’t got on the scales, my body hurts in a good way and  Nayan is still giving me great food. You know what, I may get her to blog her recipes and put the link here. She’s a tad lazy, so it may just remain a thought.

So, I increased my pilates reps yesterday (I still don’t want to say how many I’m doing ‘cos it’s embarrassing. Once it reaches a not embarrassing count, I will). So Nayan makes these crazy smoothies for breakfast. It has spinach, banana, flax seeds, low fat milk, grapes, honey and oats and it is wild! I’ve been watching her drink it for a while with a disgusted look, but it is really good.

For other meals, she throws together some brown rice and stir fry with a medley of veggies, some baked crisps and arranges it really nicely and now I know how celebrities stay thin. When your personal chef makes great diet food, and brings it to you in an appetizing way, it looks delicious. Next week is my turn to be chef. I’m feeling the pressure!

We went for La La Land yesterday, and we did have popcorn though I had a coke zero(is that really no fat? I’m not going to check. I will accept it as fact) I liked the movie. There was so much hype that I expected it to fail and I really didn’t think too much of Emma Stone’s speeches when she won her awards. I’ve also seen Florence Foster Jenkins and Hidden Figures and I really wondered if Emma Stone matched up (been having a couple of fights with Nayan about my bias for Meryl Streep, but come on, that singing??) But La La Land lived up to its hype, wonderful experience, and I loved Ryan Gosling’s role as much as Emma Stone’s

I didn’t walk though, yesterday, since it was late when we got home. And we’re having a bit of a crisis with our State Government (we may not actually have one, right now, let anarchy rule, haha) and there was a lot of developing news to catch up on. And of course some juicy gossip on the Donald (he never fails to deliver) and his NSA. Anyhoo, toodles till the morrow!


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