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Day 3 – 15th Feb ’17

Moment of truth, yes, I got on the scales this morning (82.1, that’s kgs not pounds and stop with the gasp, I told you I’m overweight, remember it is the 2017 challenge, pretty pointless if I’m starting this whole thing at optimum weight)

Well, now that I’ve got that off my chest, I can dial back to yesterday. Though, maybe I shouldn’t have told you how much I weigh, today, because yesterday I went out with my friends for lunch and I wasn’t good. I did exercise and I had been good till then. But it’s so harrd when you go out to a fancy burger place and everything is mouth watering. But, in retrospect, I feel so guilty since there were healthy choices, like salads and sandwiches, hell there was even a less fatty burger. But no, I opened the menu, picked the unhealthiest burger with the most amount of calories I could find and I swear I did it before my mind could object and I distracted myself with conversation till the burger arrived and I was halfway through it… and then remorse hit, in shameful waves. I had killed myself exercising in the morning (I lie, I broke a sweat, that’s about it) but I’d been so good. So I asked them to pack the rest of the burger and brought it home for Tris.

Now, as I write this, I feel those waves of regret again, so yes, this diary is a hopefully a good thing, since I’m being completely honest here and if I know I have to confess my cheats, I will hesitate to transgress.

I drove for the first time after my cartilage tear, yesterday, and it was a long drive. I wore my knee guard and was careful with the clutch (yes, I drive a shift) but had no problem so feeling quite kicked about that. But I didn’t walk yesterday since I didn’t want to push it after the drive.

So, about that picture on top, it could be the before shot, if you insist, but I posted it ‘cos there’s a funny story behind it. I was being a total mom with snapchat and though my daughters were constantly sending stuff on it, I refused to figure it out. This was my first try. I had installed it and when I opened it, it said, “press your nose on the screen for a couple of seconds.” I tried it several times and nothing happened. Nayan caught me standing with my nose pressed to the screen and she was like, “What are you doing?” and I explained. And she fell down laughing. “Mom, you’re supposed to press your finger to your face on the phone, not your nose to the screen.” Ah, that’s why it wasn’t working. Well, you live and learn.


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