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Day 4 – 16th Feb ’17

Last night was the worst. I’m not sure what upset my stomach, but I was up for more than half the night (okay, I’ll stop, TMI) The only good thing is I’ve lost a kg (which really doesn’t mean a lot, ‘cos in my experience, this kind of loss bounces back in a couple of days)

Yesterday was a good day, though. I met a new podcaster. She was an inspiration. She has a congenital disease and has been living with it all her life. She is nearly forty but doesn’t look it and she has to carry her oxygen with her. She recorded her first podcast yesterday on going through life with an illness. Her positive attitude and sense of humour quite took my breath away and puts my meagre life into perspective.

Yes, I podcast too. I think I mentioned that I’m an author. I’ve been podcasting my short stories and I just started a travel podcast. I’m still not very happy with the quality of the podcasts so I’m not sharing it as yet. They’re a start up and are kind of learning as they go and that isn’t saying a lot. If and when it gets better, I’ll share the link, in case there’s someone out there who is listening.

Haven’t touched my book in two days, so that’s a fail. But it’s been a particularly difficult chapter. See, the thing is, when you’re writing, you sometimes get to a part where it’s a bit, a bit…blurry, yup, that’s the word. You can either sit there figuring it out or move on and put a pin in the blurry bit and come back to it later. So, now we’re at “later” and it’s still blurry. It’ll work itself out, it always does, but it needs a clear head and a couple of days of complete focus, which I haven’t had over the last few days. So, I’m just pushing through again. Will have a go at it during the next draft.

That cover on top was my first book. I published it in 2011. It’s available on amazon at  Fun times!


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