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Day 5 – 17th Feb ’17

Hm, I’ve suddenly become very popular. I have two offers for this evening, a friend is driving into town and wants to meet up and the other, I think is another friend trying to set me up. I’ll probably do the first. And this comes inconsiderately at a time when I’m trying to be good. Well, that probably goes out the window this evening.

See, I did tell you that the weight I took off the day before will come crashing back, in spite of me being really careful about what I ate yesterday. I also convinced myself that I wasn’t feeling too well and that I was exhausted because of a restless night and an equally restless stomach and so I didn’t exercise. I did intend to walk in the evening, in my defense, but Nayan and I went out and got back late. Where did we go? Nothing exciting, just chores, though I did get a lovely glass vase. I’ll post a picture once I’ve decided where I will keep it and what I intend to do with it.

My celery is growing. I’ve suddenly taken an interest in gardening and though, in my apartment, there are only balconies for my plants, it’s coming along wonderfully. It is a very soothing activity and I feel quite the farmer, with my gloves and gardening tools, etc. The picture up top was taken almost three months back. My garden has flourished since. Right now my plants are sunning after the winter and it’s a bit of a mess.

When I say winter, I’m exaggerating, since we have only summer, summer, summer, and monsoon, if we’re lucky. Oh, yes, the celery… I tend to jump, sorry, but I had bought some celery and it came with the roots and I thought, why not? And I planted it and now I have celery in my balcony which has now inspired me to start a herb garden.

I pushed through that chapter I was griping about yesterday and am on to the next. Still not writing at the speed I would like, but it’s a start. I’m trying to work through the weekend and not pretend like I need it to relax. I exercised today and am feeling kicked about it. So yay for me!


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