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Day 6 – 18th Feb ’17

Damn, I’m such a loser!!! I had two places to hang out at last evening and I didn’t go to either. I gave excuses for both, made a cocktail and watched Captain America – Winter Soldier for like the eighth time. It’s not like I love the movie, in fact, of the entire series in the franchise, I found the first few Captain Americas, the most boring. But you know how it is, when you get stuck, and even though the remote is just a stretch away and you don’t make the effort…yeah!

Nayan’s PMSing big time and apparently she’s a loser too (we’re just two losers living together) So, she ranted and raved about how her life isn’t going anywhere and I made appropriately soothing noises, but I did one better in the evening and whipped up a Sidecar (didn’t have cognac, so made do with brandy) and it did make her feel miles better, and deeply indebted to me.

She made the most amazing chicken, sweet potato and onion for dinner, all roasted and juicy (note to self-I must start taking pictures) But for my part, I exercised and I walked. Oh, and I cooked lunch too. A light fried rice with brown rice, steamed veggies tossed with garlic, pepper and salt, chicken stirred with ginger, coriander and capsicums, and spinach and cottage cheese, tossed. Hm, it did taste as good as it sounds. Two spoons of oil for the entire thing.

Writing was a fail though. I hate leaving large gaps between bouts of writing, especially in more complex parts of the book, because it takes a couple of days to get into the groove again and those parts always sound a bit forced. And this book is defeating me. I need to take a few days out from the outside world and crunch down for a week and finish the book. But there’s just too many chores that have piled up when I was sick last month and need attending to, that I’m unable to take time out and it’s frustrating me. And how does one work when a needy dog lies on the laptop, preventing you from doing any work???


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