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Day 7 – 19th Feb’17

This should be called ‘Chasing the meat’. Nayan got it into her head that she wants to buy beef and try some recipe that she’d seen. She says we can have it on our ‘cheat day’. And there’s something you should know about Nayan. When she gets a bee in her bonnet, it doesn’t matter what anyone else feels about it, it has to be done.

As usual, we were late setting out, because my girls have no sense of time. We never reach anywhere on time. I used to get hassled about it but it felt that as they became adults all I did was get angry. It took a while to just accept that we were always going to be late and people would say mean things and to learn to ignore them. I mean, I did try getting them to get ready soon, but it meant that we always left with all three of us in a bad mood. I took the easy way out and now I just get ready and wait, quietly (#livingwithadultchildren)

Coming back to our day out, we left in time for lunch and so, instead of chasing the meat, we chased lunch, and spent the next hour looking for a place to eat. We ended up at this cute place called Kipling Cafe, which was a walk from the beach but it was bloody expensive. Thank God, we were on a diet. If you’re really rich or want to impress someone, take them there, otherwise you’re just paying for the ambiance. The food was good, nothing to write home about. That’s us, up top, before we realized how expensive everything was.

We drove around looking for a pot shop for my ‘Farming’. I like calling it farming as opposed to gardening. It has a rustic, earthy feel to it. I should probably explain ‘pot shop’ as not a shop that sells weed, but one that actually sells pots and plants (though there is this idea floating around about growing weed, just for the fun of it, I don’t really smoke up, don’t like it) I was actually looking for a large rectangular pot to grow herbs in, now that my celery has taken off. And, living in an apartment, you know what the most irritating part is, you have to buy mud. I envy people who just walk into their garden and dig up mud!

And, yes, we did find the beef. It’s marinading, I’ll tell you what came of it, when and if it gets cooked. I was able to indulge myself and my camera (a Canon DSLR) a little bit at the beach after lunch, but it wasn’t a particularly impressive day and so they aren’t particularly impressive pictures. The trick is to be around during sunrise or sunset to catch the vivid colours. Oh well, another day…

P.S: Didn’t exercise (can I write this smaller, or maybe people just won’t read till here), but it’s a Sunday, and we went out and we were good with our diet…and so…


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