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Day 15 – Feb ’17

I know what you’re thinking, yeah, she started off all kicked as usual and it went down the pooper, so, what’s new. Well, this is. That I came back and even if I miss a day or days here and there, I will keep coming back. That in itself is a huge achievement. Glory be!

But that’s not what we’re here for (though it is a big deal to me, okay?)  82.9!. I can’t help it. My knee locked up again, last week and I was in terrible pain and had to go for an MRI and tests (it’s a meniscus tear) and stuff and the upshot is I’ve been in bed, depressed and angry and stuffing my face (the only person enjoying this whole thing has been dog -there he is, up top- he has me by his side 24/7)  I’ve been asked not to walk, which is a big blow to me, since I think best when I walk and work out my stories and it’s just not fair. I’m seeing the doc tomorrow – follow up.

So, apart from feeling sorry for myself, I really haven’t achieved much. I spent this morning watching the Oscars. We get it at some unearthly hour and when I awoke, Nayan was already watching and so I just got hooked. I always like the Oscars. Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel were a riot and so was the best film fail. What was that? How does the Oscars do that? Isn’t there stuff in place to prevent the envelopes getting mixed up? Didn’t Nicole Kidman look gorgeous? Jennifer Anniston looked sweet and I love seeing her with Justin Theroux. I feel like telling Brad Pitt, ‘in your face’, though I don’t think she really cares.

And I totally didn’t get why they didn’t add a clip of Bill Paxton at the end of the Memoriam. I felt really bad when I heard about him. I really liked him. I’m not a big fan of Emma Stone. I was, I swear, I loved her in The Help and in Easy A, but she seems to have gone all Anne Hathaway and is like super serious and speechy. So… though I guess it’s okay that she got it, I had to mute her speech.

I’m trying to get back, at least, to doing Pilates, hopefully, tomorrow. There’s no real strain on my leg, so… and let’s see what the doc says. Toodles!


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