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Day 16 – 28th Feb ’17

‘Clawing out again’

Well, it feels that way, like I’m in this deep, endless hole and am trying to claw my way out. Just to add to my woes, I stepped on the scales and I’m 83.9. Yes, gasp, that’s one kg more and in the opposite direction. I know, it sucks and I hate it, but what do I do. I’m supposed to see the doctor this evening and if he gives the thumbs up, I’ll start working out from tomorrow.

I’ve been pretty good with my diet, though. I’ve started ‘clocking’ myself. My worst periods of eating are in the afternoon, between 2.00 to about 5.00. I walk around rooting for snacks and if I don’t find any (which I know I won’t, cos I make sure there’s nothing around) I stuff my mouth with all sorts of rubbish. With ‘clocking’ I’m setting time limits. I’m not saying I can’t eat, but I make myself wait for a couple of hours, promising myself a treat at the end of it. Yes, in the afternoons, if I’m home, it is that bad. If I’m out, I don’t yearn. I’m distracted. But, stuck at home, I crave. I have managed to fool myself with clocking, but I hope it lasts.

Up top – Nayan is really big on good presentation and her plating makes me want to eat the food. So, I’m trying it too!

I  made a good dent with writing today. There’s a lot of other work piled up which is making it difficult for me to breathe (I hate work piling up). It’s tax month in March. Whoosah! Let’s get walking again and stop panicking! Once I’m back on my feet, I can freak out.

Watched Star Wars 4, 5 and am halfway through the 6th now. I was quite young when I watched it the first time around, and I guess I must have watched it once more at some point. I can’t have such a good memory, but I really like the old ones over the prequel. Did Carrie Fischer lose weight for the Jabba the Hutt scene? She is not sexy, she’s just skinny! I guess those days skinny was sexy and there is a lot of skin. It actually shocked me. I didn’t remember this much skin.

Off to the doctor in the evening… also second episode of Big Little Lies today. Hoping it picks up.

Oh, and P.S. for anyone who read yesterday’s post, I had typed Justin Trudeau for Justin Theroux. Blush, blush. Something rankled and I kind of got it as I was passing out last night. I’ll go and make the correction now. Teehee!


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