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Day 28 – 13th Mar ’17

I am not apologizing for irregular posts. It is what it is! And Sherlock fans have already heard that. The build up to the episodes was phenomenal as usual and if it left you wondering, huh?, don’t fret, that’s been the norm for Sherlock from Season 3 onwards. I think the length of time between seasons, the irregularity and that it is only four episodes makes one eagerly wait for it. In the interim, they’ve lost the plot, the horse has bolted, the doctor’s left.

So, what have we learnt here?  Give a lengthy break and say little and people will look forward to what you say. Hence the breaks between my soliloquies. See, what I did there, cleverly. Gave myself an out for not writing regularly and threw Sherlock under the bus in the process.

I’m easing back into my diet. We’ll accept, that by the weekend, the diet and exercise are suffering a bit and we won’t get into it much. It’s still a challenge, but like how I may disappear for a few days, but I’m back like a bad penny, I may slide on my diet or exercise a wee bit, but I will persevere. So, don’t give up on me. And exciting news, I’m getting back to walking from today, can’t wait. I’ve missed it.

Never discussed “Split”. I did go for it, bad leg and all. Hm, I think I expect a lot from an M.Night Shyamalan movie and James Mcavoy was really good, but the end always leaves me wanting. I think it’s because I like a well wrapped up end and when it isn’t it rankles. Not his problem, but mine. But well worth watching.

And to conclude, up top, we have Mr. Tristan being a real jerk. He’s been very excited about my blossoming garden and now I know why. he is forever eating my plants. I’ve been wondering why the plants are looking thinner and dying and this is what has been happening. Got to do something about that. Bye lovies, soon.

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Day 22 – 27th Mar ’17


I’m digressing here to talk about my first book. I promise I’ll keep it short and also confess that nothing has changed since yesterday. I’m still in bed but the pain is a lot better. I don’t want to get into it, so I thought I’ll tell you the story about how I started writing (gist, of course)

The kids and I decided to write books and to encourage one another we promised to send each other chapters every week. They gave up after the first week and I ended up with my first book. This was in 2011 and they’ve been my publishing support system all the way through. Aish completely edited the book and Nayan did the cover for it. It’s up top on one of my previous posts. They’re also brutally frank and have made me cut out chapters and about a billion commas.

Circle of Five was the first book in The Pha-yul trilogy and it’s a sci-fi, young adult, fantasy. I’ve written 4 more books but I’ll keep it for another day when I have nothing to say.

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Day 21 – 6th mar ’17

‘Monday blues’

Blame my leg for this. I was all ready to get cracking and be fully productive today. Got up an hour and a half earlier (it takes me that long to will myself to exercise) and started my Pilates and my knee locked up while doing leg raises. It’s the worst. I’m back in bed with an ice pack.

I have movie tickets for split. And i haven’t seen night shyamalan for so long. I’m planning to wear a knee guard and walk slowly and go for it.

If I do make it I promise to tell you how it was without spoilers. That’s about all that happened today. Believe me, you really don’t want to hear me gripe endlessly about my leg and pain and meniscal tears.

Up top – #whatididtoday

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Day 20 – 4th Mar ’17

‘Can’t adult today’

Um… its Saturday and I’ve had a smoothie and a balanced lunch. But it’s Saturday and I’m not feeling the blog this weekend. I’ll catch you on Monday (notice how I pretended that Sunday didn’t exist) I did try to be productive… but I just can’t adult today. Nor can dog. So this is pretty much the state of affairs ritght now – up top.

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Day 19 – 3rd Mar ’17

Today I want to talk about my diet. I am quite into it by now and other than a few cheats here and there, I am pretty much following it. I guess that’s helped maintain the weight (well, we have to forgive a few grams, this way and that when we’re nearing 50, don’t we – on that note, I would just like to remind myself that Jennifer Aniston just turned 48 and wtf?)

I have a smoothie in the morning. It has banana, spinach, flax seeds, oats, honey, grapes and skimmed milk. I have half the portion at 9 and another half at 11. Mornings, I can even get away with not eating. I don’t crave at all. But, I’ve started making myself eat. Or rather, Nayan has started forcing me to eat.

Well, the next meal is at 1, when I have brown rice with vegetables and grilled meat or a chappathi wrap, something filling, there’s quite a bit of vegetables involved. Since I started clocking, my evening snacking has become miles better. I allow myself 2 crackers with hummus and tea at 4 and one more cracker at 5. That usually keeps me going for quite a while. I have a sandwich or oats for dinner, or if I don’t feel like eating at all, I have a glass of milk before I sleep. Maybe I should eat something more in the night. It’s just that I’m not hungry. But like how I learned to eat breakfast, maybe I can learn to eat dinner.

Up top – today’s healthy vegetable and wheat noodle broth for lunch.

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Day 18 – 2nd Mar ’17

I know I didn’t blog yesterday, but I don’t feel too bad about it. I was so darn good, I still haven’t got over how amazing I was yesterday. I exercised. I cleaned up the house (it had fallen into chaos and disrepair due to my disability, Nayan isn’t a clean person) I finished a chapter (finally made it out of that bit which was irritating me and now it’s moving…can do that blurry bit later) I always love typing out the story (other than blurry bits, which absolutely irk me) because I’ve usually forgotten how it goes and it always comes to me with, oh, that’s what happened and I can’t wait to go on to the next chapter. That’s when the typing is super fast, cos I can’t wait to know what happens next.

Actually, writing is much the same to me. I never know the story before hand. I have an idea and I start off and there’s always ‘oh’ moments where I find out what happens next. It’s the most wonderful feeling. If I force it, that’s when I get blurry bits. That’s because I’m either distracted or not in the mood at that time. Maybe that’s how writer’s block feels, in which case, I urge you to push through with some crap. You can always figure it out by the end.

Well, as you can make out, I’m totally pumped about my writing right now. Went out to finish some chores in the evening before I went for physio and ended up straining my leg again. So couldn’t exercise today. But at least I’m getting back in the groove. Was totally awesome with my diet too. 83.3! Only a few grams, but at least it’s going in the right direction.

Watched the second Big Little Lies on Tuesday. It is still kind of dragging. I’m waiting for it to pick up. Does anyone watch Endeavour? It’s a British detective series that I so love. The new season seems good. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Up top – This is dog when I get into my writing or typing, just so fed up with the whole thing.

Oh, and btw, I decided to change the numbering of the Days on the blog title. When I miss days, it’s very confusing the way it was. I think this is better.