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Day 19 – 3rd Mar ’17

Today I want to talk about my diet. I am quite into it by now and other than a few cheats here and there, I am pretty much following it. I guess that’s helped maintain the weight (well, we have to forgive a few grams, this way and that when we’re nearing 50, don’t we – on that note, I would just like to remind myself that Jennifer Aniston just turned 48 and wtf?)

I have a smoothie in the morning. It has banana, spinach, flax seeds, oats, honey, grapes and skimmed milk. I have half the portion at 9 and another half at 11. Mornings, I can even get away with not eating. I don’t crave at all. But, I’ve started making myself eat. Or rather, Nayan has started forcing me to eat.

Well, the next meal is at 1, when I have brown rice with vegetables and grilled meat or a chappathi wrap, something filling, there’s quite a bit of vegetables involved. Since I started clocking, my evening snacking has become miles better. I allow myself 2 crackers with hummus and tea at 4 and one more cracker at 5. That usually keeps me going for quite a while. I have a sandwich or oats for dinner, or if I don’t feel like eating at all, I have a glass of milk before I sleep. Maybe I should eat something more in the night. It’s just that I’m not hungry. But like how I learned to eat breakfast, maybe I can learn to eat dinner.

Up top – today’s healthy vegetable and wheat noodle broth for lunch.


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