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Day 22 – 27th Mar ’17


I’m digressing here to talk about my first book. I promise I’ll keep it short and also confess that nothing has changed since yesterday. I’m still in bed but the pain is a lot better. I don’t want to get into it, so I thought I’ll tell you the story about how I started writing (gist, of course)

The kids and I decided to write books and to encourage one another we promised to send each other chapters every week. They gave up after the first week and I ended up with my first book. This was in 2011 and they’ve been my publishing support system all the way through. Aish completely edited the book and Nayan did the cover for it. It’s up top on one of my previous posts. They’re also brutally frank and have made me cut out chapters and about a billion commas.

Circle of Five was the first book in The Pha-yul trilogy and it’s a sci-fi, young adult, fantasy. I’ve written 4 more books but I’ll keep it for another day when I have nothing to say.


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